Washington Park

This guy is a massive smoocher.  He is just gorgeous. Whilst trying to take photos of another horse in the paddock he made it apparent that he wanted me to find him a home where he can be stroked, groomed and have a chat.  So we threw a halter on him and took some pics. Not content with that, he thought that he would eat my hat, play with my jacket and follow us back to the gate. Washington seems to be an excellent doer, chubby on pasture.  He is also quite a looker with a lovely coat and nicely put together.

If you aren’t content just for a cuddle, he can also take you out trail riding or for some light all rounder activities.  He is very quiet, but green. Washington has an an odd paddling action in front, so unlikely to make a high level competition prospect, but he seems very keen to turn up for work!

If you are looking for a buddy who wants to be your friend, this guy is the horse for you.



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