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Team Thoroughbred NSW is Racing NSW’s equine welfare and rehoming division. Its main function is to provide a safety net for Thoroughbreds predominantly domiciled in NSW to guarantee they have a quality home to go to when they retire from racing or are deemed unsuitable for the track. Team Thoroughbred NSW also finds new careers for these horses, promotes the success of the breed in other pursuits and offers a wide range of support and services to ensure welfare needs are met.

Feeding The Off The Track Thoroughbred

Abby Delucyk

By Pryde’s EasiFeed
Thoroughbreds transitioning from racing to other disciplines such as dressage and pony club is becoming more common, providing these young horses a change of career and home. Transitioning from racing to performance, pleasure or being a paddock mate involves several major changes, one of those being their diets.

Jess Leads The Way In The Racing Industry

Abby Delucyk

It is no secret that Jess Castle was born for the racing Industry. Between her schedule of retraining multiple off the track thoroughbreds, earning ribbons in showing on behalf of clients, completing a Certificate IV in Racehorse Training with Team Thoroughbred’s Training Academy and working as a Foreperson for Kristen Buchanan at Wyong, it’s no surprise that passion drives Jess’ day.

Tilly & Cosmo Shoot For The Stars

Julieanne Horsman

At just 21 years of age Tilly McCarroll has an equestrian CV that would turn someone twice her age green with envy. But her greatest achievement of all so far has four legs, a long tail and can clear jumps the size of a small car.

Zulu’s Grand Life On & Off The Track

Julieanne Horsman

Grand Zulu (Grand Lodge x Bravo Zulu) enjoyed a glittering career as a racehorse, earning $1,861,547 in prizemoney, but even more impressive is what he has achieved off the track in the years since.

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