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Team Thoroughbred NSW operates out of 6 properties around the state where Equine Welfare Retrainers care for, retrain, and rehome retired Thoroughbred racehorses for a variety of pursuits. This program is in place for Thoroughbreds predominantly domiciled in NSW that do not have a suitable home to go to when they initially retire from racing, or the decision has been made not to race them, when owners have been unsuccessful in finding a suitable home as per their obligation in LR114. In this instance, owners can then make application to surrender their horse to Team Thoroughbred NSW.

Team Thoroughbred NSW Retraining & Rehoming Facilities operate out of the following Racing NSW equine welfare properties:

  • “Bart’s Farm” – Castlereagh
  • “Bandanora” – Capertee  
  • “The Grange” – Oxley Island
  • “Glenferrie Farm” –  Crookwell

These Thoroughbred retraining facilities ensure that industry participants have an avenue to rehome their horses if their rehoming efforts have not been successful when they decide to retire their horses or not commence racing them. 

Eligible horses that are accepted into the program work with our team to learn the new skills they require to transition to a variety of careers. In this program, horses are given the time they need to develop in a nurturing, caring, and supportive environment to ensure successful rehoming outcomes for both the horse and their new owner.

Team Thoroughbred NSW is the heart of Racing NSW’s commitment to the Thoroughbred horse, championing our motto “For the love of the horse” by celebrating Thoroughbreds in every stage of their lives.

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