Rehoming Recommendations

When considering rehoming your retired Thoroughbred racehorse, it’s important to ensure you have as much accurate and detailed information readily available to provide to prospective buyers to ensure success for the horse in its new home.

Horse details to include are as follows:

  • Race name
  • Microchip or brands
  • Height
  • Age
  • Date of last race
  • Colour and markings
  • Temperament/personality/any vices
  • Vet reports and routine care records
  • Trainer and/or handler notes
  • Good quality photographs, both close up and side-on, so potential buyers can get an appreciation of the horse’s conformation and markings.
  • Video is a great way of illustrating movement such as walking, trotting and cantering.  

Once you have this information, the following avenues can be explored to find a suitable new home for your horse:

When you have found a suitable home for your horse, the Racing NSW Re-homing A Racehorse Form can assist both parties to document the process and record the change of ownership.

New owners can also ensure their details are correct by submitting a Retired Horse Status Update with Racing Australia, find more information here.

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