Retired Racehorse Inspections

Anyone who has recently rehomed an off the track Thoroughbred from New South Wales can expect a house call from a Racing NSW equine welfare official in the near future. Monitoring retired racehorses in their new homes is an important part of Racing NSW’s equine welfare program.

Each day Racing Australia updates its database of retired racehorses including their new location and person responsible for their welfare, as provided as part of their retirement under the Rules of Racing. Racing NSW stewards, investigators and welfare veterinarians work through this list to conduct welfare checks on these horses.

Every inspection includes:

  • A microchip scan
  • A basic examination of the horse
  • An assessment of its surroundings
  • An opportunity to seek advice or guidance from Racing NSW’s equine welfare veterinarians

The stewards or veterinarians will talk to the new owner about their plans for the horse and address any queries or concerns either party has.

“Thoroughbred owners need not be scared of us,” equine welfare veterinarian Dr Carly Garling said. “The vast majority of people are doing the right thing which is great to see. Sometimes you might find a horse lacking a bit of condition but that can be managed. The most common mistake people make is thinking grass will be enough for their Thoroughbred.”

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