Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I surrender a horse to Team Thoroughbred NSW?

Thoroughbreds which have been predominantly domiciled in NSW, including those which have not trialled or raced, may be surrendered to Team Thoroughbred NSW to be cared for, retrained and if appropriate, rehomed.

Please download a surrender form, fill it in and submit it to along with clear photographs of the horse on both sides as well as front on. Once the form and photographs have been received, a Team Thoroughbred NSW representative will be in contact to advise of the next steps.

Racing NSW’s equine welfare program operates alongside Local Rule of Racing 114 regarding the welfare of horses. The surrender of any horse into the program needs to be in accordance with LR114.

Owners are to make all reasonable endeavours to find a home for that horse that meets Racing NSW’s minimum standards in any of the following options:

i.     Breeding purposes;

ii.     Equestrian, working, pleasure or companion horse;

iii.     Any other option approved by Racing NSW

If that horse is in need of veterinary treatment (including ongoing veterinary treatment), it is not to be transferred to a new home until that veterinary treatment has been provided or Racing NSW is satisfied that it will receive that veterinary treatment.

  • Does it cost anything to surrender a horse to Team Thoroughbred NSW?

No, surrendering a horse to Team Thoroughbred NSW does not cost anything. Ownership of the horse and all associated costs and responsibilities are transferred to Team Thoroughbred NSW.

  • What happens to a horse once it is in Team Thoroughbred NSW’s care?

When a horse arrives at one of Team Thoroughbred NSW’s equine welfare farms, it is thoroughly checked over and given any care or treatment it needs (eg farrier work, worming treatment etc.) The horse is then assessed for suitability in its next career and given the appropriate retraining.

  • What happens if a horse is unsuitable for rehoming?

A horse can sometimes be deemed unsuitable for rehoming due to behavioural problems or a long-term injury. In this case, the horse will remain in Team Thoroughbred NSW’s care indefinitely. There is no limit to how long a horse can stay with Team Thoroughbred NSW.

  • Am I able to spell my horse with Team Thoroughbred NSW?

No, Team Thoroughbred NSW does not offer spelling facilities.

  • I know of a Thoroughbred which is not being adequately cared for. How do I report it?

Concerns for welfare can be reported by emailing Please include as much information as possible.

  • How can I rehome a Team Thoroughbred NSW horse?

Please download a potential buyer form, fill it in and submit it to Once the form has been received and reviewed, a Team Thoroughbred NSW representative will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

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