Our Mission

Team Thoroughbred NSW Training Academy’s mission is to deliver quality training assessment that meets the needs of learners and industry.

Our objectives

In recognition of this mission, our objectives are:

  • People. We strive to attract, recruit and retain talented, competent and committed trainers. We promote excellent performance through leadership and professional development.
  • Safety & equality. We are committed to providing an environment which is safe, equitable and which promotes a confident and productive training and assessment environment.
  • Integrity & ethics. We conduct ourselves in accordance with shared and agreed standards of behaviour which holds ethical conduct and integrity as our highest priorities.
  • Quality committed. We aspire to deliver consistent, high quality services and apply quality systems which support training and assessment excellence.
  • Learner Focused. We thrive on providing training and assessment that is learner focused and which supports lifelong learning. We respect our learners and strive to attract them time after time through high quality training and assessment experiences.
  • Industry engagement. We recognise the value of industry engagement as the driving force in shaping our training and assessment strategies. We deliver training and assessment services which are founded on industry needs and expectations.

We aim to:

  • Assist people entering the industry to find their most suitable career path and educational needs
  • Assist people with achieving Nationally Recognised Qualifications
  • To increase apprentice jockey and trackwork rider numbers
  • To coordinate the delivery of training and educational programs to industry participants
  • Manage the Racing NSW Apprentice School
  • Manage the Racing NSW Rising Star Apprentice Race Series
  • Encourage greater participation of people in the racing industry
  • Provide ongoing industry credible mentoring to apprentice jockeys, trackwork riders, strappers, stablehand trainees and racehorse trainers
  • Ensure participants are informed about the National Racing Industry Training Package, which has been implemented in each state in Australia
  • Provide equitable training, through Approved Industry Training Providers, throughout the country, provincial and metropolitan regions
  • Formulate a strategic approach to promote Racing NSW Apprentice School and industry career paths to school students
  • Coordinate Certificate IV Racehorse trainers qualification, through Approved Industry Training Providers, to new racehorse trainers
  • Barrier attendant skill set mandatory training
  • Education and training for racetrack maintenance staff across NSW

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