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Corrective Services NSW

Selected minimum-security inmates are given the opportunity to learn horse-related vocational skills to help them secure employment after being released from custody. Under the supervision of corrective service officers and Team Thoroughbred NSW staff, inmates learn how to retrain Thoroughbreds for their next pursuit after racing, graduating with nationally recognised qualifications. This program currently operates at St Heliers Correctional Centre in Muswellbrook.

An inmate retraining a retired racehorse at St Heliers Correctional Centre.

RSL LifeCare

The benefits of equine therapy, particularly for patients with a mental health condition, have been well documented and form the basis of the Spur program run in partnership with RSL LifeCare. Using ex-racehorses supplied and retrained by TTNSW, veterans learn basic horse handling skills and riding to build confidence, reduce anxiety and promote enjoyment.  The courses are offered free of charge to eligible veterans and culminate in a five-day horse ride through Kosciuszko National Park.

Spur participants saw some incredible scenery on their graduation trail ride through Kosciuszko National Park.

Ballyoch Horses/BackTrack Youth Works 

BackTrack Youth Works has been helping vulnerable young people in the New England region with counselling, education, life skills and support since 2006. In early 2019 the program was expanded to include the retraining of retired racehorses for new careers under the guidance of Patrick Herde from Ballyoch Horses at Deepwater in Northern NSW. Participants learn horsemanship skills and riding and several graduates from the pilot course have already secured employment.

The Ballyoch/Backtrack team relaxing after a big day at the inaugural horse auction.

Pony Club NSW

Talented Pony Club members aged 16 and over can apply to learn how to retrain off the track Thoroughbreds for equestrians sports including dressage, showjumping and eventing. Seven horses which were retrained by Pony Club members competed in the Tri-nations Showjumping Challenge at Pony Club Nationals in October 2019.

Young riders from China, France and Australia participated in the Tri-Nations Showumping Challenge on retired racehorses provided by Racing NSW and prepared by Pony Club Members.

TTNSW also partners with other charitable and community organisations to share facilities and costs.

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