Retiring A Racehorse

As per the obligations under LR114, when the decision has been made to retire a horse from racing in NSW, or not commence racing, owners and industry participants must complete the following process when considering the retirement and aftercare plan of their horses.

  1. Retirement form must be lodged with Racing Australia within 7 days of the decision, ensuring current address of the horse is listed in line with traceability obligations.
  2. Ensure any vet treatment/box rest is completed as per LR114.
  3. Consider secondary careers – Thoroughbreds are incredibly versatile and can suit a range of new pursuits upon their retirement. Some options include; equestrian sports, pleasure riding, breeding/recipient mares, companion homes and more.
  4. Make rehoming efforts – some suggestions for this can be found here keep in mind the retirement location must meet Racing NSW Minimum Standards.
  5. When an appropriate home is found, the new owner and horse location details must be updated with Racing Australia in line with traceability obligations.
  6. In the event this process has been completed and a home hasn’t been found, application can be made to Team Thoroughbred NSW.

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