The Fencer

Nicknamed “Fabio” by the team for his luscious locks and looks this fellow is well put together and solid.  He is also an exceptional mover with a beautiful floating trot.  The Fencer took to free jumping like a pro, happily popping over 95cm on his first session, so he ticks a lot of boxes! I can see him making a super eventer.

The Fencer is currently in training for a charity ride supporting Paralympian, Sue Ellen Lovett and her “Ride Against Cancer”.The Fencer is available for sale on conclusion of the ride on 21 October 2018.  The Fencer is on the far right in the below photo.[0]=68.ARCLUco_c80AC-tK_sp3_-poEFJjco-xXVXPTotZLV4uZViRs6YbbTdXtLz2_oOC7hzf4Dou2JxW-HGt9yB6q7wDOUU70WUYcaKCLbOS71ekrMOoyeMlSedkTem5k-5xfBQYrM5ZXm4DnXhOyUyCu8YRhQ7KRdVki6kT594qUSNiSBMvf0CMXQ&__tn__=C-R


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