Dianne’s Heartwarming Journey with Fields of Oxley

By Samara Smith

When Dianne decided to purchase a retired Thoroughbred in 2022, she had a simple goal: to provide a home for a horse in need.

Fields of Oxley, a former racehorse and Team Thoroughbred graduate, has since become a beloved member of her family.

“I purchased him because I wanted to help out a horse that needed a home,” Dianne said.

“I also wanted to have honest information and feedback from who I was purchasing from.”

Although Dianne grew up around horses, she had never owned an ex-racehorse.

Since rehoming Fields of Oxley, she has quickly become a retired Thoroughbred racehorse convert.                                            

“They’ve got a really good base to work from,” Dianne said.

“He goes on the float fine, picks up his feet fine, you can put the saddle on him, do the girth up, put the bridle on, all those basic things that a new horse wouldn’t have are really well instilled in him.” she said.

Fields of Oxley has made great progress in his retraining, adjusting from life as a racehorse to life as a pleasure horse.

“He’s been so interesting, being an ex-racehorse,” Dianne said.

He’s learnt to go out for a ride on his own because obviously he’s always been around other horses and I have also transitioned him to barefoot.”

Feilds of Oxley is certainly enjoying retirement.

The black gelding enjoys regular trail rides with Dianne and is also ridden by her granddaughter when she visits.

“He’s just a great, easy horse to have around,” Dianne said.

“He’s perfect for my teenage granddaughter. She loves him.”

Dianne said Fields of Oxley has been the perfect addition to her family.

“I’d definitely go back again to get another Thoroughbred when I have the time and a spare spot.”

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