Patezza Now Content In Retirement

By Abby Delucyk

From Group 1 glory in Sydney’s Doncaster Mile to working in the NSW Mounted Police unit, it would be an understatement to say that 24yo Patezza has earned his retirement.  

Under the guidance of former late and great trainer Guy Walter, Patezza won eight races, including the 2005 edition of Randwick’s famous mile, and over $1.7 million in prizemoney. He retired from the track in 2007 to become a valuable member of the NSW Mounted Police unit. 

Jenny Cobb, who has been a police officer for 15 years, formed a life-long bond with the racing prodigy after she was assigned to ride him.

“Patezza and I always had a really good connection as there was only a few of us who could ride him. Patezza is a very dominating horse who has a fighting spirit,” Cobb said.

“He was a great Police horse and completed all aspects of Mounted Police duties. From protests to ceremonial jobs0. to community events, he didn’t mind posing for a photo or a pat from the public.”

Although his days on the racetrack are in the past, Patezza occasionally shows Jenny a glimmer of his racing spirit.

“On patrolling the streets in pairs, he always had to have his nose in front, just by an inch!! Patezza had this fight in him to be the best, and this showed at the 2013 Sydney Royal Easter Show in where we were the most successful troop horse and rider out of 16 Mounted Police Horses and Staff,” she said.

After serving seven years in the police force, it was decided by the NSW Mounted Police that it was the right time for Patezza to be retired. With Cobb being his main mount, she was granted the opportunity to take him into retirement when he now calls the scenic South Coast town of Milton home.  

Like most, retirement was a hard transition for Patezza.

“He became very flat and depressed-like. It was like he lost his sense of purpose as he loves to be around people and became very humanised in the force,” Jenny observed.

Despite this, Patezza has learnt to enjoy his time off and now looks forward to his daily trail rides in the State Forest and playing around in the arena.

“In the last year, he has made great mates with another retired Mounted Police horse who we have on our property and the two are now inseparable.

“It’s so nice that a horse that gave humans so much is now enjoying his life in retirement.”

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