A New Generation Of Scorse Arrives

By Abby Delucyk

Embarking on his journey to continue the Scorse name, apprentice jockey Lachlan Scorse was off to a flying start when winning his first trial on his late grandfather’s (Alan Scorse) horse ‘What Could Be’.

Lachlan’s involvement in the racing industry is no surprise as his father is Mathew Scorse who is a jockey himself, riding over 298 winners and his mother Lara who was a Foreperson and now a track supervisor at Newcastle Jockey Club.

However, Lachlan’s biggest influence is his grandfather Alan Scorse who trained over 250 winners and rode 1478 winners within his time, being inducted into the Hunter & Newcastle Racing Hall of Fame.

Unlike others within his family, Lachlan didn’t grow up riding but instead rode for the first time when he was 16 and it instantly became natural to him. “I really enjoyed the racing side and wanted to learn to ride. Through the help of Pop and Dad I finally gave riding a go,” Lachlan said.

Although his last name may have gotten him a start in the industry, the young Scorse has put hours of dedication into learning the ins and outs of riding such as riding trackwork before school while completing Year 10.

Lachlan Scorse. Photo: Bradley Photos

“I think the hardest bit of riding is the expectations as a lot of people think that you get it straight away, but they learn quickly that it takes time. It’s something you can’t rush.

“I have been pretty lucky to have help from some really good people like pop and dad which has gotten me to this stage quicker than usual.

“Pop arranged for me to go to Tamworth which I rode and worked for trainer Luke Morgan for 3 months. Then, with the help of my dad I spent 4 months working and riding for trainer Peter Snowden at Randwick,” Scorse said.

With the steppingstone to becoming a jockey being trackwork riding, Newcastle trainer and friend of the family, David Atkins offered Lachlan an opportunity to ride trackwork for him and an apprenticeship.

“I think Dave is strict but fair as he gives you opportunities but doesn’t let you get carried away. He has a way of explaining things, making it uncomplicated and without any stress.

“I look up to and respect Dave not only as a trainer but also as a mentor. Through Dave’s horseman skills, I have learnt a lot about horses and have a deep understanding about them,” Lachlan admits.

Lachlan describes his favourite aspect of riding as “the thrill of when you get to your top speed and that adrenaline rush. I’m a competitive person so this side of it is something I also like, plus you get to meet a lot of good people through it as well,” he said.

Not only does Lachlan experience the thrill of riding, but he also enjoys strapping winners on race days such as strapping group 2 winner ‘Promitto’ for David Atkins.

Paying tribute to his late grandfather, Lachlan said: “My pop is someone I look up to as a mentor in terms of riding but also just as a person. I am proud to continue the Scorse name and do the family proud. I think having this name in this industry is an advantage but what you do with that advantage is your choice.”

For now, Lachlan’s ambition to become a trainer in the future is on the backburner as he looks to keep building his skills as a jockey, ensuring it is “One step at a time”.

*This article originally appeared in the February 2023 edition of the Racing NSW magazine

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