Why Buy A Thoroughbred?

Australian Thoroughbred breeding is a billion-dollar industry. A great deal of time and research is invested in the quest to breed a champion racehorse and when buying one off the track you reap the benefits.

Thoroughbreds are natural athletes renowned for speed and stamina which makes them ideal for a variety of pursuits after racing. Our horses have gone on to succeed in the mounted police, dressage, showjumping, eventing, team sports such as polo and trail riding.

Most Thoroughbreds are broken in before they turn two and after spending time in a stable are well-trained and accustomed to being handled. They’re comfortable with travelling and the waiting that comes with a trip to the races. They’re also unfazed by large crowds and loud noises.

Thoroughbreds are adaptable and willing and with patience and care will become your new best friend. You can also be proud of giving an ex-racehorse a quality life in retirement.

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